“[…] Bolcom’s praise can also apply without reservation to the execution of the other pieces, because of the skillful music-making. That the image is predominantly dark and ominous is clear, but because both musicians (now selected for the Dutch Classical Talent Tour 2019-2020) know how to add so much color and nuance, it becomes even more fascinating and impressive. What speaks for the choice of music of the two gentlemen, is that the works (the first three are still living composers) they selected for their debut CD don’t just fit them perfectly, but are also a jack-pot from a programmatic point of view. The fascinating, well-written explanation in the booklet is made by the Greek pianist. […]”
full review (in dutch)

Aart van der Wal, Opus Klassiek about the CD “Lilith & Lulu” (7.3.2019)

“According to saxophonist Andreas Mader and pianist Christos Papandreopoulos the demonic Lilith from Jewish mythology and Alban Bergs Lulu share the same dark tempress-blood. On their debut album, the duo therefore sketches a double portrait of the two archetypal femmes fatales. Their interpretation of Berg’s Vier Stücke makes it clear why the duo was recently selected for the Dutch Classical Talent Tour 2019-20. Wonderful how much color Papandreopoulos knows how to lay in a piano chord in the Sehr langsam. […]”


Joep Christenhusz, NRC Handelsblad about the CD “Lilith & Lulu” (6.3.2019)

“[…] Lilith und Lulu, Geschöpfe der Nacht, bebildert mit dunklen, oft unheimlichen Klängen. Andreas Mader und Christos Papandreopoulos gelingt es, diese Figuren hin zur Welt zu drehen, sie werden nahbar, plastisch, bildhaft. Durch das gleichberechtigte Miteinander von Saxofon und Klavier, das Nacheinander solistischer Parts, das Nebeneinander heller und dunkler Farben. Die CD des ungewöhnlichen Duos erschien beim Label 7 Mountain Records. […]”

BR Klassik – CD-Tipp (5.3.2019)

Duo Mader/Papandreopoulos live @ NPO Radio 4 Podium (28.02.2019)

“[…] This is a top-duo that works out contemporary compositions in an atmospheric and interpretive way to the smallest nuances. William Bolcom’s demonic Lilith and Lilith as seductress, the role that Sam David Wamper tailors for her, sound immensely fascinating and daring in timing. The silences on this CD are dazzling, the interpretations, also of Berg’s Lulu-Suite, highly delicate.”


Rudolf Nammensma, Leeuwarder Courant/Dagblad van het Noorden about the CD “Lilith & Lulu” (22.02.2019)